Vetiver Incense Sticks

Rs. 165

Known as "Khus" in Hindi, Phool Vetiver incense's cool scintillating fragrance is a natural stress buster. Vetiver's woody, sweet and earthy base notes, with a musty upper tone naturally refreshes you after a long tiring day. Phool Vetiver Incense is extensively used in aromatherapy treatments to relieve stress, fight anxiety and treat insomnia. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects that provide relief from inflammation in the circulatory and nervous system. Interestingly, the cool vetiver roots are used to make natural curtains to beat the scorching summers in the deserts of Rajasthan.

 Made from sacred temple flowers and highest quality ingredients offered by nature, each Phool Vetiver Incense Stick is handmade and dipped in natural essential oils. Unlike the synthetic incense commonly available in the market, Phool aromatic Incense is 100% natural and charcoal free. At Phool, we take pride in making 100% eco-friendly, pure and natural incense sticks.

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