Quinoa Cookies

Rs. 108

An “Ancient Grain” as it has been cultivated for thousands of years and largely unchanged. Quinoa, the popular Superfood is known for its nutrient-dense nature. Known as “Mother of all grains” it has all 9 essential amino acids needed for our body.

A good choice for people with celiac disease who cannot eat gluten. Quinoa is high in Vitamin B6, which supports immunity and nervous system function.

0% Wheat and 0% Maida. No added white/processed sugar. Made out of Jaggery.

Ingredients: White Quinoa flour (30%), Organic Jaggery (26%), Oats flour, Organic Edible Vegetable Oil/Fat, and Added fruit flavours.

Best before 14 months from the date of manufacture.

Allergy Info: These foods have been made in a facility that also processes nuts, wheat, oats.

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