Orchard Lane

Pineapple & Orange Marmalade

Rs. 349

This is a juicy spread full of huge chunks of pineapple. The tropical flavours of pineapple are complemented with the subtle freshness of valencia oranges. Fine slivers of orange peel add the zest and the resultant marmalade is the perfect way to start your mornings. Best paired with bread and cakes, the juicy texture of this marmalade makes a wonderful drizzle to soak your tea cakes.

Weight: 280g

Ingredients: Pineapples, Valencia  Oranges, Sulphur-less sugar, lemon juice, fruit Pectin.

Best Before: 9 months from the date of MFG.

Storage Instructions: Always keep refrigerated. Use a clean dry spoon. Use in 4 weeks of opening.

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