Organic Set Curd

Rs. 40

Indulge yourself with Akshayakalpa Organic Artisanal Set curd that is thick with a creamy consistency that will leave you craving for one more spoonful.

What’s ORGANIC CURD anyways?
Well, we are breaking it down for you.

The quality of milk is determined by the quality of what a cow eats. Ensuring her diet is fully organic is the first step in ensuring that the milk is not just ‘fresh from farm’ but CLEAN too.

Now why is this important?
The cow’s diet becomes one of the most important factors in determining the nutritional value of the milk. After all, isn’t nutrition the main reason for adding milk to the child’s day? Unfortunately, cows that eat processed, unhealthy fodder or garbage will pass on the ill effects of the same to us.
But fret not, at Akshayakalpa, we care – about our farms, our soil that grows organic fodder, the wellbeing of our cows and the healthy future of our customers. All cows at Akshayakalpa consume nutrition rich organic fodder.
So, the next time you  enjoy your curd, ask yourself this question – What was the cow’s last meal?

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