Flavours of Calicut

Kerala Banana Chips 250g

Rs. 199

Banana chips often take Malayalis down their memory lane. Sitting at home casually and snacking on banana chips is a part of every Malayali’s childhood. The world over, there has been a generational shift in consumer behaviour that gives a lot of importance to a health-conscious diet. Hence, there has been a growing appetite for banana chips, and it thrives on international markets.

Flavours of Calicut brings to the market tasty and healthy banana chips made entirely in fresh coconut oil. What makes our banana chips unique is the trans-fat-free coconut oil in which the chips are made. Our banana chips are not only good for snacking, but it is also a great gifting option that you can give anyone, anywhere in the world.

We make our banana chips without adding preservatives so that it is safe for even kids to consume. The tasty tea-time snack of banana chips is a source of abundant fibre and potassium, helping you gain health benefits out of a snack.

Why choose our Banana chips?

  • Fried in Pure Coconut Oil
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • Nendran Bananas
  • Two-Spice Flavour
  • Zero Preservatives
  • A Tasty Dose of Fibre
  • A Healthy Snack
  • No Trans Fat & Cholesterol
  • Good For Tea-time Cravings
  • Ziplock re-sealable pouch packaging

Ingredients: Raw Banana, Coconut Oil, Salt, Turmeric Powder

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