Indian Rose Incense Cones

Rs. 145

Phool Indian rose incense symbolises beauty, passion and romance. A known aphrodisiac fragrance with fresh powdery base notes and upper woody notes, it evokes the emotions of love and care. Rose's strong patronage in aromatherapy for stress, yoga and meditation makes it the most popularly recognized fragrance in the world. Intriguingly popular as a feminine fragrance, 74% of its buyers are men.

 Made from sacred temple flowers and highest quality ingredients offered by nature, each Phool Indian Rose Incense Cone is handmade and dipped in natural essential oils. Unlike the synthetic incense commonly available in the market, Phool aromatic Incense is 100% natural and charcoal free. At Phool, we take pride in making 100% eco-friendly, pure and natural incense cones.

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