Orchard Lane

Hot and Sweet Guava Jam

Rs. 285
  • Weight: 280g
  • If you love pink guavas with a dash of salt and red chilly, then you cannot resist this delectable jam. This is a soft set jam with a flowy consistency. Great to use as a dip with salted appetisers like mathri, crackers, nachos and best paired with a cup of chai.
  • No chemicals used, No Preservatives or colours or flavours
  • This jam is made with a high fruit content. We use 80% pink guavas by weight and just 20% sugar. We use only naturally brewed vinegar and not synthetic acid. We do not use any colours or flavours. We do absolutely NOTHING to alter Mother Nature.
  • This is a healthy, low-calorie jam with no junk. Good for kids and good for grown-ups and weight watchers. Just 7 calories for a teaspoon of this jam.
  • We use simple ingredients that you can find in your kitchen as well. Made in small batches with utmost care and pride.

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