Curtido 450g

Rs. 340

DESCRIPTION: Curtido, a Salvadoran cabbage slaw, is loved among fermented food connoisseurs. It's a tangy probiotic condiment and is full of surprising flavours. With cabbage as the base, fine ingredients like carrot, onion, lime, jalapeño and oregano create a magical synergy of aroma and taste. The health benefits of curtido stem from its lacto-fermentation, which helps in restoring and maintaining the digestive tract.

Taste: Curtido is a blend of tart, salty and slightly spicy flavours. It has only a mildly sour taste as compared to sauerkraut because of the brief fermentation time. It's a flavourful cabbage slaw which gets its heat from jalapeno peppers, tanginess from lacto-fermentation, red onion gives a mild flavour of sweetness and it has a citrus kick from lemon.

Texture and mouthfeel: Curtido has a crunchy and firm texture. The mild fermentation retains the crisp nature of the vegetables. The carrots and onions sliced into thin shreds give a homogenous texture to the slaw.

Smell: Curtido has a rich, lively scent of fresh oregano and jalapenos and a pleasantly sour smell of fermentation. 

Weight: 450g

Ingredients: Cabbage, Purple Cabbage, Carrot, Onion, Jalapeño, Green Chilli, Oregano, Salt, Lemon juice, Garlic, Red Chilli Powder

Best before: 120 days from the date of MFG.

Storage Instructions: Keep cool. Refrigerate at all times.

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