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Basale Gomae

By Fresh mills  •   1 minute read

Basale Gomae - Freshmills
Basale gomae is a simple, quick and deliciously healthy salad inspired from the Japanese style spinach gomaee.

Ingredients required:
1. Basale soppu - 1 bunch
2. White Sesame paste (Tahini) - 3 Tbsp
3. Tamarind water (preferably pulpy) - 1 1/2 Tbsp
4. Jaggery - 2tsp
5. Chilli flakes - 1 tsp
6. Salt - 1/4 tsp salt

How to make:
1. Add 1/2 tsp of salt to a bowl of water and boil it
2. Dip the washed basale leaves in the boiling water for 2-3 minutes and allow it to cook.
3. Remove the leaves from the boiling water and cut into medium size leaves
4. In a salad bowl, add the cut basale leaves and all the above ingredients. Mix well.
5. You can add fruits and nuts of your choice to make it even more healthy!

How to make a pulpy tamarind water:
1. Add a lemon size of Tamarind in one cup of warm water and allow it to rest for 15 mins.
2. Squeeze the tamarind well to form a thick tamarind paste
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