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Genuinely Artisanal

Consumerism has taken a full circle and reached where it belongs. The food trends have traveled so far, crossed continents only to come back to where it started. At times, we can indulge in exotic foods, but the classic rule defines that a healthy meal can only be local and native. Sustainability anybody? Yes, foodmiles is a serious subject. Freshmills work with brands that are artisanal and local. The intention is to create a culture of knowledge parallel with grocery shopping.

We borrow a lot of recipes from our mothers and grandmas but failed to borrow their healthy lifestyle. Freshmills bridges that gap of local sourcing, fresh milling and zero-waste shopping. 

With more than 50% of the essential products made in-store. We eliminate the need of preservatives, other chemicals and the complexity of food labels. Visit our store to witness that your products are milled in the most hygienic place in town. Simply put, we promote local food, freshly milled without chemicals.