Udyan Tea

Turmeric Spice Green Tea

Rs. 349

Turmeric is widely known in the Indian Ayurveda for its anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting power. The Turmeric Spice Green Tea has been carefully crafted by our tea masters using turmeric with green tea, tulsi, and ginger to deliver maximum health benefits in your cup of green tea. The resultant tea has a balanced mix of natural ingredients for a soothing cup that is both spicy and sweet. The deep yellow liquor of the brewed tea offers bold and spicy flavours while also relaxing the body with every sip.

Strong, spicy flavour with natural turmeric notes, slightly minty sweet undertones of tulsi and lingering, robust, spicy hints of ginger

A mix of light green leaves, cream & yellow spices and herbs, turns into deep yellow liquor on brewing

The sweet aroma of tulsi (Holy basil) with spicy notes of ginger and slightly sweet aroma of herbs

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