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Masala Chai Black Tea

Rs. 475

Your morning cup of chai just got an upgrade! We picked a robust Assam tea and infused it with the finest spices and earthy ginger to give you a comforting cup of chai every single time. 

The original Chai recipe ever was inspired by Ayurveda. Today, every home in India has a unique recipe for masala chai. We compiled recipes from across India and fine-tuned them with the choicest ingredients - all sourced from within India. Our Organic chai blend has real ingredients - spices that you can see and feel. Start your mornings with an all-natural masala chai - free from any flavouring and colours.

Enjoy your daily cup of chai, guilt-free, - just like it should be.

INGREDIENTS: Assam Black tea, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, black pepper, bay leaves, and cardamom.

Hot water, a spoonful of this tea, warm milk, and sugar - here's an unbeatable conversation starter any time of the day. 

Perfect to fuel your mornings with a bold cup of chai.

Goes well with cake rusk, khari biscuits, and evergreen samosas.

Weight: 150g

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