Neo Foods

Pitted Green Olives

Rs. 190


  • Sourced from the largest producer in Spain, Neo Foods Pitted Green Olives are the right choice for ones looking for ready-to-eat, flavourful and high-quality olives. Our pitted olives are soaked in vinegar, thus delivers just the right amount of tanginess and sourness. Bursting with flavours, give a zingy touch to your recipes with Neo Foods Pitted Green Olives.
  • Diet-Friendly, A Nutritious Addition: Neo Foods Pitted Green Olives are a multipurpose ingredient as they can be used to add a flavour to a range of dishes like pizzas, pasta, sandwiches, wraps, and many more. They have a very zingy flavour that goes well with all kinds of drinks and snacks. The olives are also used in various diet plans like keto , Mediterranean, paleo, etc., thus go well with salads and are a healthy snacking option.
  • Made without any chemical preservatives and GMOs, Neo Foods Olives retain their nutrient value hence are highly fibrous and a good source of antioxidants. They are low in calories and have a high content of Vitamin E, Iron, Copper, Calcium, and Sodium. They help in fulfilling the nutritional needs of the body and are good to consume any time of the day.
  • Storage Instruction: Store it in a refrigerator after opening.
  • About The Brand: Neo Foods is a Bangalore based food processing company, specializes in preserved vegetables and culinary products. Our ingredients are directly sourced from farms and then processed in safe environment with all the best practices.

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