Murukku Sticks

Rs. 95


A permanent guest at every tea party and a distant cousin of the north Indian ‘chakli’, Mullu Murrukku is an all-time favorite and a kitchen must-have. It is a savory snack made with flour from gram, rice, and peas, seasoned with handpicked, aromatic spices. One bite, and you’ll find yourself wandering through the meandering roads of exotic Tamil Nadu, lost in the compelling flavors of its culture. With even the slightest suggestion, and your mind will already start the journey before your hand makes its way to the pack.

Dakshyn brings for you, the same homegrown recipe, with an added garnish of sesame that lets you detox even as you snack. Crafted by our chefs into convenient sticks so you can grab this grub anytime, anywhere, as much as you like.

Ingredients: Flour (Rice, Gram, and Peas Flour) 45%, Edible Vegetable Oil, Chilli Powder, Salt, Sesame, Garlic, and Asafoetida.

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