Royal delight

Mabroom Dates

Rs. 425


Mabroom dates are soft with reddish-brown skin and sweet sticky flesh. They can be used in granolas, biscuits, cookies, chocolates and crunchy energy bar preparations. Dates can be eaten fresh or mixed into milk, shakes, smoothies or oats. You can add them to baked goods as a natural sweetener instead of sugar.

These dates are packed in a resealabale pouch for lasting freshness and taste.


Our premium quality dates are sourced from Saudi Arabia.

Health Benefits

High in natural sugars, dates are energy boosters and thus a popular ingredient in energy bars. They also contain large amounts of fibre, helping digestive health. Eating dates is also associated with improved brain health and function. 

Did you know?

Dates are produced only on female date palm trees. 

Refrigerate at all times.

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