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Kesar Pista Green Tea

Rs. 1,111

Kesar-pista (saffron-pistachio) is to Indian cuisine what strawberry & cream is to the world. Rich, creamy and nutty, this combination is the Indian dessert staple, and a decadent one at that. Our Kesar Pista Green Tea combines this nostalgia-evoking flavour with tea, and fragrant marigold petals. When the buttery pistachio meets the semi-sweet taste of saffron, what you have is the best Indian dessert – in a teacup.

Caffeine Content: Medium

Taste notes: Warm, nutty and creamy

Ingredients: Green tea with saffron, pistachios and a few marigold petals.

Serving Suggestions: Can be enjoyed warm or chilled. Pairs well with Indian mithai-- kaaju barfipeda, milk cake.

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