Soma Ayurvedic

Kaapi house Kombucha

Rs. 250


Much more than the sum of its parts, Kaapi House brings kombucha fermentation to the coffee bean, resulting in a fizzy cold brew with the mouth feel of cream soda, a milder buzz, and flavour notes of mocha. Pairs well with breakfast foods, salty snacks, and desserts. Organic vanilla and cinnamon aid digestion, lower blood sugar, and purify body and soul. 


All of our kombuchas are made with mountain spring water from Kerala, biodynamic green & black tea, wild cultures, sugar°, and Coorg honey.
*Demeter certified, °USDA Organic


  • Soma is alive with probiotics and fizz!

    • Refrigerate immediately upon receiving your shipment and let chill for at least 15 minutes before opening

    • Store at 0° to 4° C

    • Do not shake violently

    • Be ready to pour into a glass in case of fizzy overflow

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