Gunpowder Tapioca Chips

Rs. 60


Ingredients: Tapioca, Vegetable Oil, Salt and Gunpowder*  Seasoning (Gram Dal, Chilli, Pepper, Sesame, Cumin, and Asafoetida)

*This is an all-natural spice blend of roasted lentils and Chillies which is popularly referred to as "Gunpowder" in southern India owing to its potent spice-packed burst of taste.

  • Thin sliced Tapioca (Cassava) Chips seasoned with freshly ground Gunpowder spice (known as Milagai Podi or Idli Podi).
  • Made with freshly ground Gunpowder (Milagai Podi)
  • No Synthetic Chemicals. No Preservatives. Only Pure Food. No artificial flavours. Made with real ingredients.
  • Gluten-Free (Feel lighter, not bloated)
  • No Transfat; No Cholesterol

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