Green Tea with Lemon & Honey

Rs. 79

No added Sugar I All-time favorites

TE.A makes everything easier

Make Green TE.A with Lemon and Honey your ‘Comfort Beverage’. You can rely on a piping hot cup of TE.A for waking up, breaking up a stressful workday, making conversation over, lifting spirits and lulling to sleep. A spot of TE.A between friends and family is cheering, reviving and relaxing. Beat morning blues and traffic snarls with TE.A, a warming cup on a rainy, muggy morning or refreshingly cool iced TE.A on a sizzling hot afternoon. Always in a rush? Change your pace of life with a cuppa TE.A, After all, you can’t just guzzle a hot TE.A, you savor it slowly and while you are sipping and blowing and waiting for just the right drinking temperature, you inhale the aromatic vapors that rise in a sonata of lemony zing and mellow, honeyed sweetness. It’s true; there are very few things in life that cannot be vastly improved by putting the kettle on.

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