Green Tea & Moroccan Mint

Rs. 79

No Added Sugar | Global Classic

A Timeless journey with TE.A

For centuries, the caravans that crisscrossed the Maghreb desert pulled into the teeming bazaars of Morocco, for the promise of a hot glass of mint tea with its elaborate social rituals. Ancient wisdom suggests that Mint leaves, besides being a universal "pick-me-up" may aid in digestion as well as relieve pesky headaches. TE.A Green tea with Moroccan Mint is the perfect balance of cooling calm and spritely invigoration. For the genuine Moroccan experience, gather family and friends to enjoy the fragrance of the TE.A as you pour it with panache, from a teapot held high in the air, into small glasses. Refreshing and aromatic, this unique TE.A is a superb drink hot or iced and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Moreover, you can feel good about starting a wellness ritual that is enjoyable and easy to sustain throughout the year.

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