Fields of Gold - Organic Wheat (Lokwan)

Rs. 58
  • 1kg
  • Certified Organic
  • Wholesome Grain Goodness
  • Low Glycaemic Index For High Satiety And To Improve Insulin Resistance
  • Rich in B Vitamins and Protein

Fields of Gold Wheat(Lokwan) is of the highest quality of whole wheat grains.
They are popularly known as ‘Golden Grains’, with thick, short and heavy grains. Lokwan is highly nutritious – with umpteen vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber. Lokwan is favoured for weight watchers, people with diabetes and for heart health
as well.

Ingredients / Composition
Organic Wheat (Lokwan)

How To Use/recipe
Pristine’s Organic Wheat (Lokwan) can be made into atta for soft rotis and bread. It can be used as a paste form as a thickener in gravies and soups.

Shelf Life
Best before 6 months from packaging.

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