Fields of Gold - Organic Red Rajma( Jammu)

Rs. 125


  • It has a nutty flavour and provides a superior supply of protein
  • Rich source of resistant starch which helps in weight management
  • Provides a rich source of iron to combat tiredness and fatigue
  • Naturally low in fat
  • 100% Organic – Certified by USDA and as per Indian Organic standard

Red Rajma are dark red kidney beans which are known for their rich red colour. Used in curries, salads, rice dishes, with parathas and more.

Ingredients / Composition

Organic Red Rajma (Jammu)

Instructions/ How to use

Pristine’s Organic Rajma (Jammu) should be soaked, boiled or pressure cooked till soft. Used in gravies, stews & more. Best served along with hot rice or roti.

Date of packing:

Best before 06 months from packaging

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