Fields Of Gold - Organic Kabuli Channa

Rs. 200


  • An excellent source of protein, dietary fiber and iron
  • Low in Saturated fat
  • The unpolished Organic Kabuli Chana is free from added chemicals or coloring additive retaining its goodness and nutrient value
  • 100% Organic – Certified by USDA and as per Indian Organic standard

Organic Kabuli Chana or white chickpeas is one of the oldest consumed crops. It can be tossed in salads, ground into flour or mashed into hummus.

Ingredients / Composition

Organic Kabuli Channa

Instructions/ How to use

Pristine’s Organic Kabuli Chana should be soaked overnight and boiled or pressure cooked till soft. Can be enjoyed plain boiled, in salads, gravies. To prepare traditional punjabi chole masala and Middle eastern Hummus recipe and more

Date of packing:

Best before 06 months from packaging

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