Fields Of Gold - Organic Green gram Split ( Moong dal)

Rs. 245


  • Packed with protein and low on carbohydrates
  • It a rich source of iron and potassium
  • It is lighter than other dals and easier to digest
  • The unpolished Moong Dal is free from added chemicals or coloring additive retaining its goodness and nutrient value
  • 100% Organic – Certified by USDA and as per Indian Organic standard

Green Gram or Organic Moong Dal is an integral part of Indian diet. It is used as an ingredient in savoury as well in sweet dishes.

Ingredients / Composition

Organic Moong Dal (Green Gram Split)

Instructions/ How to use

Pristine’s Organic Moong Dal with its mild sweet flavour is used in dals, soups, kichdi and sweet dishes. When ground to flour- to make Dosa, khandvi and more

Date of packing:

Best before 06 months from packaging

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