Udyan Tea

Detox Tea

Rs. 399

Tea lovers! This tea is a real treasure. How? Detox tea is a wellness-inspired blend crafted with diligent research & evaluation, rich in antioxidants. Ginger and Tulsi (holy basil) come together with high grown whole leaf Green Tea and other herbs to help you get rid of those annoying toxins. This helps you to stimulate your digestion and soothe your stress. Its balmy aroma and sweet vegetal taste will soothe your mind while the tea heals your body. The lingering aftertaste of basil will keep you feeling healthy for quite a while. Made with 100% natural ingredients and teas sourced directly from the origin, this herbal tea blend acts as a rejuvenating drink. Sip a cup of Udyan Tea’s Detox Tea to support those good intentions of staying fit and start a healthy habit!

A sweet vegetal taste that instinctively feels healthy, with the hints of ginger and an aftertaste of basil

Fluffy, curly, medium-sized, dark and light green leaves with spice bits change into greenish-yellow liquor on brewing.

Sweet herbal, balmy aroma with strong hints of holy basil


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