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Chilli Bomb (CLEARANCE SALE - 30% OFF)

Rs. 287 Rs. 410
  • Taking the Zarai recipe one step further and developed a flavour well-loved for its chilli 'kick'. Using special red chillis from Rajasthan, known for their fragrance and flavour rarely disappoints those who like their food piccante.
  • Suggested Serving: The Chilli Bomb demands bread crackers, olives, or chutney to truly shine for your taste buds. Of course, pairing it with pickled onions is just as enjoyable as well.

  • Suggested Pairing: A bottle of Red Wine or a tall mug of beer, and you’d relish the Chilli Bomb just as it’s meant to be.

Weight: 200g

Ingredients: Cow milk, Culture, Microbial Rennet, Salt, Red Chillies

Best before 6 months from the date of manufacturing in the vacuum seal. Once opened should be consumed in 7 to 10 days and stored in the food-grade paper.

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