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Anti Caking Agent

By Fresh mills  •   1 minute read

Anti Caking Agent - Freshmills
Anti caking agent is a chemical food additive used to avoid lumps and to facilitate free flow of any fine powders.

It is used widely in Table salts, Spice powders, Seasonings, coffee powders, cocoa powders and in many other products that are in powder form.

These are mentioned in the ingredients list with Code numbers like E551, E530, E574, etc..

Some of the commonly used chemical Anti caking agents are calcium carbonate, Magnesium carbonate, calcium silicate, magnesium silicate, silicon dioxide.

Most of the powders can be easily dissolved while cooking which eliminates the need of the anti caking agents if we ignore the look of the finished products like spice powders, spice blends and salt.

The curious case of food additives is our new series which informs you about the unnecessary ( or necessary? ) chemical food additives which is commonly used in food processing.
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